This is a series of annual competitions with several different events that students can participate in.  Age ranges are from 5th grade to college.

5th to Middle School events: Jr. Exhibition, Jr. Bottle Sumo, Jr. Game, RoboParade, Jr. Robo Arts
High School events:
Sr. Exhibition, Sr. Bottle Sumo, Sr. Game, Sr. Robo Arts, RoboMed
College events:

These projects are motivating and exciting for the kids and encompass all academic areas. There are usually 3-5 kids per group.
They can easily be incorporated into different subject areas. It must be completely created by the students with no adult help.

Reading/Language Arts: For the Exhibition and RoboMed events, students have to research their project and give a presentation.
They have to be able to answer detailed questions from the judges and audience.

Computer Technology/Science: Students need to be able to program their robot in their chosen language.


Jr. Bottle Sumo

World Championships!

St Pete Beach

Robot Drawing Contest

St Pete Beach

1st - 3rd Grade

Jr. Bottle Sumo

Oldsmar, FL

3rd Place!

Jr. Exhibition

Dover, FL

Mars rover that can autonomously or with remote control pick-up cargo and transport it to a new location



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