Future City


This is an annual competition that has several regional events around the country and a national event in Washington D.C.
Students are given a theme and must design a city at least 100 years in the future. Students will write an essay,
given an oral presentation, and build a 3D model to scale. There is also an optional SimCity component where
students learn to manage a real city.

These projects are motivating and exciting for the kids and encompass all academic areas. There are usually 3-5 kids per group.
They can easily be incorporated into different subject areas.

Reading/Language Arts: Students are given a theme (such as clean water, etc) and must research it and come up with futuristic solutions to solve the problem. They must also research city services and how engineers are needed. Students will use this research to write an essay and give an oral presentation with visual aids.

Math: Students need to design a blueprint of their city and then build a 3D prototype. The city must be scaled so that it is a perfect miniature of the actual city and the students must describe the scale.

Science: Students must design a moving part to be included in their city.


 Future City Competition

Mars Colony

"Most Sustainable Design"


2018 Future City Competition

Underwater City
"Most Efficient Transportation System"

Recreation City on Pluto


Future City Competition

A moveable amphibious city

"Most Futuristic Design"

Future City Competition

Tiny Tin
The Arduino Robotic amphibious city

"Most Futuristic Design"

2020 Future City Competition

Ship Wreck
Underwater City

City hovering in the air


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